Due to COVID-19, we are open by appointment only. Click here to arrange your private visit or call (519) 364-1819


Do I need an appointment?

Yes.  An appointment is needed to shop our selection of wedding gowns.  We pride ourselves in our customer service and want you to be fully pampered.  If you don't have an appointment, but want to see us today, give us a call.  We do allow time in our schedule for same day shopping. (Saturdays excluded)

How long is a bridal appointment?

We schedule 75 minutes for your first bridal consultation.  This will allow you to try on approximately 10 gowns while leaving enough time to retry your favourites.

How many people can I bring?

Ideally, invite 2-4 of your closest family and friends who will be most supportive of your vision.  Less is more when considering how many people to invite.  Too many opinions may lead you astray from your vision.  (Our salon accommodates up to 5 people comfortably.)

Can I bring my kids and/or baby to my appointment?

This is one of the most important purchases you will make in your life.  We recommend finding a sitter, so you can focus on finding your dream gown.  This is your time to be the centre of attention and allow us to be totally focused on helping you.

What should I wear for my appointment?

Wear light coloured or nude undergarments with minimal seams so they are less likely to show.  Your bridal consultant will need to help you in an out of your gowns, so choose something that you don't mind being seen in.  Most gowns have built in bust-support, so you may be more comfortable trying them on without your bra.

When should I buy my dress for my wedding?

We recommend purchasing your gown 6-12 months prior to your wedding day.  This allows time for the designer to custom make your gown, have it shipped to the store and time for alterations.

My wedding is only a few months away.  Is it still possible to get a dress in time?

We have a selection of gowns that have priority shipping and some gowns can be rushed.  So, depending on how much time we have, we may be able to still get a gown in time for your wedding day.  We also have over 200 gowns in store that can be purchased off the rack.  So, you may just find your dream gown within our sample collection and take it home with you on the same day.

How much should I expect to pay for my wedding gown?

With over 400 gowns in our store, we are able to meet most budgets.  If you factor in our sample gowns our prices range from $200 to $2500.  The average price ranges from $1200-$1600.

Do you do alterations on site?

We work closely with a select few local seamstresses who work independently from their homes.  We are happy to make a referral, or you can choose a seamstress of your own.

When should I book my alterations appointment?

You can expect alterations to take 2-4 months, with up to 3 appointments depending on the amount of alterations needed.  Check with your seamstress directly, especially during spring and summer.

Can I take pictures during my appointment?

You are welcome to take photos to help make the decision process easier and remember this special moment.

Can we bring wine/champagne to celebrate?

As much as we love to celebrate, we are not able to have alcohol on site, as we are not a licensed establishment.  We also take great care to protect our gowns.  So, we do not allow food or drink in the salon.